Bishop Heber College

Suicide Prevention Club


All the undergraduate students should enroll themselves in any one of the Extension Activities in our College.One among the 30 clubs the Suicide Prevention Club as Part-V activity.The Suicide Prevention Club was started since 2016 with 200 members.The Suicide Prevention Club promotes the Mental health among the student community.


  • Awareness Generation
  • Observance of International Suicide prevention Day on September 10 and Mental Health day on October 10.
  • Ralleys against Suicide.
  • Signature Campaigns and Oath taking against Suicide.
  • Seminars,Workshops,symposia and competitions on Mental Health.
  • Community Organization Programmes in adopted Villages.
  • Exposure visits to Mental Health Settings.



  • To promote the understanding and prevention of suicide and support those who have been affected by it.


we are an inclusive community that envisions the people know how to prevent suicide and find hope and healing.


Promote mental health and Prevent suicide


  • Mrs. M. Reena Rebellow,
    Assistant Professor of Social Work

  • Ms. R. Udhaya Selvi,
    Assistant Professor Social Work
    Asst. Co-ordinator