• Awareness Generation
  • Rally Against Drug Abuse
  • Signature Campaign and oath- taking against drug abuse
  • De-addiction Counselling
  • Seminars, workshops, symposia and conferences on drug related issues at all time.
  • Observance of International Day against Drug Abuse
  • Community Organization Programmes
  • Exposure Visits to De-addiction Centres


Say No to DRUGS, Say Yes to LIFE



  • Making the College free from all kinds of drug by focusing youth.


  • To create awareness among the youth about the ill-effects of drugs
  • To prevent youth from becoming addicted to drugs
  • To empower youth to stand against drug abuse and use them against drug abuse.
  • To Promote programmes aimed at reducing drug abuse among young people.
  • To provide technical advice to schools/ institutions and NGO's in this area.
  • To collaborate with Voluntary Agencies in developing comprehensive programmes in addressing the health and education of youths at risk.
  • To collaborate with other clubs in promoting and also to enhance efforts to reduce drug abuse among youths.


  • Dr. M.Daniel Solomon,I
    Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Dr. D. Ranjithkumar
    Assistant Professor of Economics