Since 2019

Programme Offered:
  • M.Sc. Data Sciences

About Department

Data Science and Data Analytics are the key industrial activities with a focus on jobs such as Data Scientist, Big Data Analyst and others. Hence, universities have started to offer post graduate programmes catering to the needs of industries.

The difference between Data Science and Data Analytics is rather loosely defined in the corporate sector. Data Science tends to lean more on machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and big data, whilst Data Analytics focuses on exploratory data analytics. Both are equally concerned with data mining and supporting decision making. Bishop Heber’s MSc offering in Data Science therefore also covers Data Analytics.

The Department of Data Science strengthens Bishop Heber College as a trailblazer in Data Science in India and promotes the transformative use of Data Science across many disciplines to achieve lasting impact in India. The Department of Data Science offers a two year MSc Data Science programme and prepares our masters students for productive careers in industry, academia, and government, by providing an outstanding learning environment for the core and emerging areas of Data Science.

The M.Sc. degree in Data Science in Bishop Heber prepares graduates to pursue rewarding careers in the emerging and high-growth fields of data science and big data. It effectively combines deep understanding with computational skills, technologies, techniques, and analytic tools for data science. Further, it provides the necessary communication and leadership skills for successful careers as data science professionals.

The curriculum for the MSc in Data Science programme has been designed for the postgraduates to develop key skills to fulfil the requirements for the position of Data Scientists and others. The Bishop Heber Data Science M.Sc. strikes a perfect balance between theoretical underpinnings, practical hands-on experience, summer internships and industry relevant capstone project work.

Upon graduation, graduates will be well prepared to work in public and private organizations. Some of the industries include, but not limited to, information technology, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, communication, finance, insurance and transportation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a research identity at the confluence of data science and analytics, artificial intelligence, big data and decision sciences and to build an educational identity through leading degree programmes based on curricular innovation and research.

Our Mission

  • To educate students to acquire the required technical and communication skills in order to solve significant problems in business and society.
  • To advance the knowledge in data science and multi-disciplinary areas through high-impact research, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.
  • To provide service to the profession, college, community and society.

Contact Person

  • Dr. K. Rajkumar
  • Coordinator, Department of Data Science
  • Phone: +91 431 2770136 (Extension: 300)