Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Chandrasekaran
Bishop of Tiruchirapalli – Tanjavur Diocese

  • Bishop of C.S.I Tiruchirappalli – Thanjavur Diocese.
  • Manager of all Diocesan Institutions.
  • Chairman of Bishop Heber College, Trichy.
  • Chairman of Bishop’s College of Nursing, Dharapuram.
  • Chairman of Bishop Thorp College, Dharapuram.
  • Chairperson, TTS Governing Council, Madurai.
  • Chairperson of the Mission Department of the CSI Synod.
  • Moderator’s Commissary for CSI Tirunelveli Diocese.

Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Chandrasekaran, Bishop, Trichy-Tanjore Diocese of the Church of South India, and Secretary, Bishop Heber College, was born in 1957. He had a passion for philosophy and completed his M.A., in Western Philosophy. He joined Bishop’s College, Kolkata to pursue Bachelor of Divinity, as he committed himself for the pastoral ministry at a very early days of his life. He completed his Masters in Theology from United Theological College, Bangalore, and Doctor of Philosophy from Tamil University, Thanjavur.

He was ordained as a Deacon in 1985 and as a Presbyter in 1986. In those formative years, he involved himself in pastoring people of rural and urban churches. His guidance as a correspondent of various Higher Secondary Schools helped the schools to grow from strength to strength.

He was consecrated as the Bishop of Trichy-Tanjore Diocese in 2018. Since his consecration as the Bishop, he exhibits his excellent leadership by guiding the diocese to grow in all dimensions.

He has travelled to England, Belgium, Jamaica, France, Switzerland, Srilanka, Malaysia, South Korea, Qatar, Kuwait, Israel, Tanzania, Dubai on various assignments. His wife, Mrs. K. Rosalind, who after her retirement as a Higher Secondary School teacher, is serving as the President of the Women’s Fellowship of the Diocese. They are blessed with two boys, Theophilus is working in US and Benjamin Iniya Amalan is working in a Bank.