About Department

The Department of History is one of the oldest departments established under the able guidance of Dr. M. Sargurudoss, the first Principal and Professor of History in 1968 in Bishop Heber College. Since the inception, the emphasis on History was priority. Prof. S. Manickam, the famous historian, was one of the faculty members of the Department at the initial stage. The Department of History offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

History education becomes fruitful, meaningful and goal-oriented, when opportunities are given to students to utilize their creative talents and the training given is meant to achieve academic excellence to enable them to play their legitimate roles in society. Restructuring of curriculum is aimed at encouraging the students to view their culture through perspective of time and change. Courses offered are meant to prepare the students not only for future studies in History, but also for careers in law, administration, foreign relations and teaching

Since 1968

Programme Offered:
  • B.A. History
  • M.A. History
  • Ph.D. (History)[Part Time and Full-time]

Our Vision

The Department seeks to provide a unique learning experience for the students and to build and facilitate the students’ understanding of the elaborate social phenomenon in order for them to lead a life of greater awareness and responsible citizenship. The Department aims to be an open and welcoming spot for a healthy exchange of ideas and the encouragement of scholarly excellence. It encourages research activities among the students. Thereby the Department endeavors to equip and empower them to face challenges with confidence.

Our Mission

The Department aims to motivate the learners to cognize the breadth and depth of the human experience from the past legacy by a comparative study of the past and the contemporary societies and cultures; and thereby develop their ability to conduct research, analyze and assess the evidence resulting in their holistic development. The department endeavors to facilitate the students’ acquisition of knowledge and skills that help them to become informed, engaged, and thoughtful citizens. The department promotes liberal education – to understand society, culture, art, and architecture and to teach human values.

Contact Person

  • Dr.Femila Alexander
  • Head & Assistant Professor, Department of History
  • history@bhc.edu.in
  • Email: femila.hs@bhc.edu.in