Deanery of Extension Activities works on three areas, namely, with students through Part V Clubs, with community through adoption of villages and with the management through accomplishing the requirements of UGC and NAAC. There are 30 Part V clubs which work for and through students. At the student level, the clubs engage the students in their own areas of work, besides moulding their personality and honing their inter-personal skills. The clubs also provide manpower in organizing programmes of the College and government and private bodies. At the community level, the Deanery has adopted the villages which come under three Panchayats namely, Navalur Kuttapattu, Ariyavur and Kodiyalam based on certain criteria. The villages are needy and deserving in nature, attract minimal or meager support from the government and there is no notable involvement of voluntary or community based organizations. The important target groups are women, children, youth and older persons apart from the community members as a whole. Major emphasis is given on water and sanitation, promoting safe water and toilet usage.

The Deanery makes sure that the members of 30 different clubs are actively involved in their service to the society and two full time Extension Officers are appointed by the College for continuous monitoring. Generally, the programmes are organized with the financial support from the College Management and sometimes the clubs raise funds from local resources. The Deanery, as its future plans, attempts to implement continuous and long term programme by adopting three-pronged approach viz., creating employment opportunities, promotion of health and ensuring educational and infrastructural support. The future programmes will focus on skill training for both women and youth, medical care facilities for women, children and older persons; special concentration will be given on school students who will be provided with educational kits. Participation of students in extending services to the village community would be ensured with the active involvement of Part V Coordinators.

The Deanery also works in coordination with the Trichy Corporation and other State and Central Government Departments extending its service to Swacch Bharat Campaign and Unnat Bharat Abhiyan. Our College is a participating institute of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) sponsored by MHRD, Government of India. Under UBA, five villages are adopted to carry out developmental works under the themes such as Organic Farming, Water Management, Renewable Energy, Artisans, Industries, Livelihood and Basic Amenities.

Apart from gaining knowledge from within the four walls of the class room, students get a lot of opportunities to develop their communication skills, soft skills, organizing skills and interpersonal skills. They also get opportunities to serve the village communities in the adopted villages and thus contributing their mite to build the architecture of an inclusive India. While the academic activities train the minds of the students, the Extension Activities train the hearts of the students and when they leave the portals of the College they leave as complete human beings.

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